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Customers that buy a MyVegasBusiness get a personalized website that they can brand with a company name and content of their choice.
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MyVegasBusiness owners can run their business from anywhere. Checking the status of a customer lead, creating a new lead, viewing commissions, revenues and profit has never been easier.
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MyVegasBusiness owners get a piece of the action every time they sell any product or service on their website. With the most popular tourist destination in the palm of their hands, this can amount to a substantial income..
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MyVegas Business a Internet Business

This is a new complete, turn-key business being offered starting Feb 12, 2013 by Winter Valko and Adam Hortwiz. If you have been looking for a internet business to get started, then MyVegas Business is exactly what you need. 

The struggle with most internet businesses is a combination of getting started and getting customers. MyVegas Business taks are of most of that work and let’s you focus on getting a internet business up and running in as little as 2 minutes. I don’t kid you. This is not going to be free money free money. You will need to work for it. If anyone had a magic formula for free money they’d probably keep it to themselves.

In a nutshell its a way for you go tap into the billions of dollars people spend each  year visiting Las Vegas.  In case you didn’t know, over 40 million people visit Vegas each year.

And they all need the same thing:

  • A way to get there
  • A way to save money getting there
  • Someplace to stay
  • Things to do while in Vegas
  • Places to eat

And most people turn to the internet for their search to find a solution to those basic needs.

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ReviewMyVegasBusinessThat is where you come into the picture with My Vegas Business.

MyVegasBusiness has made it easy to start an online business in seconds by providing customers with a COMPLETE TURN KEY solution in a matter of minutes.

Not only does the MyVegasBusiness platform allow you to sell products with customer management, customer support and a dedicated sales team, The products are included! Las Vegas hotels, nightclub packages, restaurants and shows are purchased from over 40 million tourists from around the world every year. Business owners can now own a piece of the action for just $97.

The MyVegasBusiness Turn-Key package includes:

· A beautifully designed website
· A separate mobile web app compatible with any smart phone
· Comprehensive customer and affiliate support center
· Back end office equipped with several tools to help customers succeed
· Countless tutorials and training videos
· Over 75 deals to advertise and sell
· Updated events and special promotions that automatically update to the customers site

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My Honest Review of My Vegas Business:


  • Low Cost to get everything above. To build a website, mobile apps, and everything else they have included, you could easily spend $1,000′s. 
  • The training materials are very easy to follow and understanding. They’ve really invested some time and money on this. A lot of “turn key” businesses are harder to get started than advertised because the support and training is poorly done. Not here, these guys really make it easy.
  • Even though millions visit Vegas each year, the market to support their travel needs are still an untapped market.
  • The “back office” support portal makes accessing your business a snap from anywhere in the world
  • You get paid nice commissions acting as a travel agent.. all without having to do very much.


  • You will need spend some time getting through the training. I know a lot of us are eager to jump in and get started. But you really have to follow the program and be patient so you don’t miss something that could cost you later.
  • Starting a new (or your first) business can be scary. While the up front costs to get started are very low, you need honestly make sure you have the time set aside to get this moving.
  • The package includes all customer support and management. While this is usually a great thing, it does mean you lose some control. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that the customer service reps are not high quality, but we’ve all had bad experiences in the past so I’m always a little cautious when I don’t have control of them.

Final Verdict for My Vegas Business?

Overall for $97 this is a super deal. I’m surprised they are not offering it for $1,000′s instead for My Vegas Business. To get started, click below.

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